London: Events of Ptolemy's Gate.

  • Quentin Makepeace, Clem Hopkins and the upper echelons of the government they capture, including Rupert Devereaux dies after Makepeace's plan to take over the government as a powerful human-spirit hybrid with the government under his control fails.
  • The demons inhabit each of the magicians' bodies thanks to Makepeace's unorthodox summoning method, but the powerful demons crush the minds of the bodies they inhabit, including Makepeace's wreaking havok amongst London, bringing about a shortlived spirirt rebellion headed by Nouda.
  • Jane Farrar rallies wolves against the hybrids, and goes missing after, presumably dying in a last act of defiance.
  • Jessica Whitwell fights Nouda with her djinni, Shubit, but is killed after a barrage of attacks from Nouda.
  • The Magicians’ Government falls.
  • John Mandrake tragically dies, proving himself a great magician, by not only saving Bartimaeus' life, but stopping Nouda and his rampant forces.
  • Bartimaeus is finally dismissed.[1]
  • The New Interim Council meets for first time and announces British withdrawal from America.