Ammet is a character from The Ring of Solomon. He was a marid of the seventh level in the service of Khaba the Cruel.

Character Arc Edit

First meeting each other when Khaba was very young, Ammet grew to love Khaba - claiming that Khaba's goal was one with his. He was willing to do the cruel deeds Khaba wished whether to a human or a spirit. These put him in disagreement with his fellow spirits.

Ammet's preferred guise was a replication of Khaba's shadow, although it is always dark and long no matter what time of day it is. This adds evidence to his affection with his master. As spirits have also different personalities, Ammet's was undoubtedly vile.

Conciliation between a spirit and a human was first proven in the series by the relationship of Ptolemy and his spirit summons, and Nathaniel+Kitty and Bartimaeus. Their interactions show a beneficiary relationship for the two kinds. However, Khaba and Ammet's relationship also shows that two beings, of human and spirit, of cruelty could form a bond and be dangerous to both kinds.

Ammet was last sighted being corked into a small wine flask by Uraziel, the great Spirit of the Ring, as ordered by Bartimaeus. Ammet was to be bound in the bottle for a several thousand years to "reflect upon his sins against fellow spirits" and especially Bartimaeus.

Trivia Edit

In Egyptian mythology, Ammet is a beast of the Underworld that would eat villains and robbers' bad hearts.