Amulets are a classifcation of magical artifact within the Bartimaeus universe. They are passive items in nature, that is to say, they need not be actively used in order to perform their function, unlike Talismans, which must be activated in order to work. Amulets need not be magical in nature; they can simply be items made of spirit-detering substances, such as silver, iron, or certain kinds of herbs and spices.

Some Amulets Edit

  • Bartimaeus mentions that iron horseshoes are believed to be lucky because iron can deter weaker demons.
  • Iron Ankhs: Ankhs are T-shaped amulets with a loop on top, the Egyptian symbol of life. They are typically made of iron, and in the high days of the Egyptian Empire, often contained spirits to enhance their defensive powers.
  • The Amulet of Samarkand: An immensely powerful amulet containing a spirit as powerful, if not more powerful than the entity known as Rumuthra. No known magical entity or device has been known to be able to exceed its abilities.
  • Asmir's Silver Pendant: Asmir bore a silver pendant while on her mission to kill King Solomon, which frequently made spirits around her ill at ease.