Also known as

Bull-head (by Bartimaeus)



Preferred form

Bull-headed man

Baztuk was an utukku guard with Xerxes in the Tower of London. He had a bull's head, and guarded Bartimaeus after his capture at Pinn's Accoutrements. He was rather dim-witted, but was one of the few survivors of the Battle of al-Arish, vowing revenge against Bartimaeus for the slaughter of his people in that battle even 27 centuries later. He attempted to kill Bartimaeus, but was delayed by Bartimaeus, who made him and Xerxes squabble long enough for him to survive for an unexpected jailbreak at the hands of Faquarl and Jabor, at the time disguised as ravens. The pair killed Baztuk while getting to Bartimaeus.

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