The Department of Internal Affairs, also known as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is an elite law enforcement unit serving the British Empire. A division of the British Security Ministry, the department takes its orders directly from Security Minister Jessica Whitwell.


The stated mission of the Department of Internal Affairs is the investigation of terrorism and foreign insurgency. It investigates said activities by means of crime scene analysis, observation, and intimidation.


The department has eighteen employees, two of which are commoners and sixteen of which are magicians. Their director is the head of Internal Affairs, who reports to the security minister and the Prime Minister. Below the head of IA, the ranks are filled by the assistant head of Internal Affairs and the rest of the magicians and commoners. Their lack of manpower is easily solved via the summoning of demons. In fact, during the pursuit of Honorius the Afrit, around forty demons were summoned by the Internal Affairs magicians.

As one of two law enforcement agencies present in London, the department has a natural rivalry with the other organization, the elite Night Police Department, which is comprised of werewolf members known as the Greybacks.

Known EmployeesEdit

  • John Mandrake (Assistant to the Head of Internal Affairs/Head of Internal Affairs)
  • Fennel (Junior Magician)