A Detonation is one of the basic magical attacks of demons. It consists of a ball of fire that vaporizes whatever it hits, depending on the strength of the demon/human, and the strength of the detonation.


A detonation is a basic, but powerful, magical attack. An average detonation can vaporize a human (without magical resistance). They have noticeably less effect on a demon but are still fairly painful. A detonation can be deflected by silver, and even return right back at the unfortunate demon. Like most spirit-magic, it's all but useless against golems.

Users Edit

  • Imps and Foliots use detonations, although theirs are noticeably weaker than those of djinni.
  • Djinni make frequent use of detonations. Jabor appears to use them more frequently than any other spells.
  • Afrits and Marids use very powerful detonations.