A Detonation is one of the basic magical attacks of demons. It consists of a ball of fire that vaporizes whatever it hits, depending on the strength of the demon/human, and the strength of the detonation.


A detonation is a basic, but powerful, magical attack. An average detonation can vaporize a human (without magical resistance). They have noticeably less effect on a demon but are still fairly painful. A detonation can be deflected by silver, and even return right back at the unfortunate demon. Like most spirit-magic, it's all but useless against golems.


Djinni make frequent use of detonations.

Afrits and Marids use very powerful detonations.

Imps and Foliots have also used (although theirs are noticeably weaker than those of djinn's) detonations.

These appear to be the most frequent spell used by Jabor

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