Bartimaeus in Ernest's form
Ernest Squalls
Biographical Information
Also known as



Grocery deliverer
Co-owner of Squalls and Son

Family members

Joe Squalls (Son)

Physical Description


Hair colour


Behind the scenes

The Amulet of Samarkand

Ernest Squalls is a delivery person. His son is called Joe Squalls, who he runs his grocery delivery company, "Squalls & Son", with. The pair were seen in their company van on their way to deliver supplies to Heddleham Hall for Simon Lovelace's conference being held there (actually a front for his attempted coup), but were intercepted. Bartimaeus knocked the pair unconscious and hid their bodies in in a nearby hedge, then took the form of Ernest. Nathaniel then changed into Joe's clothes and the pair used the guise of Squalls & Son to infiltrate the hall. While Ernest has never been confirmed to be a commoner, it's likely.

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