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Simon Lovelace


Greater djinn

"Well, good-bye Bartimaeus. While you die, take consolation from the knowledge that the enslavement of the djinn is almost over. As of tonight, we take revenge."

He is an upper-level Djinni, powerful and intelliget.

Referred to by Bartimaeus as his 'nemesis', as they had fought with or against each other throughout history. He often takes on the semblance of a cook, which he attributes to the fact that there are many sharp and lethal objects to be found in a kitchen.

His other masters included Simon Lovelace, Clem Hopkins, and Khaba the Cruel.

Background Edit

He has appeared or been talked about in each book. At various times, he and Bartimaeus had either worked against or alongside each other (such as when they killed Genghis Khan by sneaking poisoned grapes into his tent). He was one of a number of a recalcitrant djinni employed by Khaba the Cruel, each of whom had either killed or severely embarrassed their previous masters. At the time, the two were still somewhat amiable towards each other.

Faquarl's raw power was implied to be great enough to rank at the upper-level of a djinni without actually being an afrit. He was also cunning and has a shrewd skill for survival, traits which Bartimaeus says they shared. All these make him especially dangerous. During Kitty's research, she finds in the demonologies that Faquarl of Sparta was highly celebrated throughout history.

He was able to take on and devour seven djinn of near or greater than Bartimaeus' power with ease in a fight Bartimaeus describes as "a woeful mismatch". Bartimaeus had only survived matches against Faquarl due to luck and/or escape.

He often irritated Bartimaeus by sharing his ideas for schemes to escape the control of magicians, which Bartimaeus generally considered harebrained and farfetched.

Character Arc (chronological from Ring of Solomon) Edit

He had always disliked magicians and had no sympathy for humans. His distaste of humans, like most spirits, comes from the fact that he was summoned to be a slave by a magician and viewed as a demon by the people.

While Bartimaeus had always been a rebellious spirit just so he'd be returned to the Other Place, Faquarl cooked an ambitious scheme to end all magicians. He, together with other spirits, chose to come and stay and dominate the human world... have the Other Place and its spirits be left out permanently. He would however kill also all commoners in his conquest. He possessed the body of Clem Hopkins during the Spirit Revolt, where he was the revolution's thinker, a testament to his intelligence.

He developed that ambition of dominance, which Bartimaeus pointed out to be unusual for a spirit to have ambition and it is a human thing to have (Batimaeus mentioned a number of times that Magicians are one of the most ambitious).

When Nathaniel and Bartimaeus showed that they are both in control of one body, mirroring the achievement of peace without violence between the two kind, Faquarl is stunned for he did not go for unity but subjugation. Subjugation in the other way around where the demon dominates the human. He did not make an effort avoiding the staff of Gladston when the pair aimed, an act of giving up his conquest. He was then destroyed by the duo.