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Greater djinn

"Well, good-bye Bartimaeus. While you die, take consolation from the knowledge that the enslavement of the djinn is almost over. As of tonight, we take revenge."

Referred to by Bartimaeus as his 'nemesis', Faquarl is seen to be more powerful than Bartimaeus, but this is usually due to Bartimaeus being weakened by certain aspects. Faquarl also seems to be the possessor of great intelligence, though not necessarily greater than Bartimaeus. It is noted that he often takes on the semblance of a cook, which he attributes to the fact that there are lots of sharp and lethal objects to be found in a kitchen. He was destroyed by Bartimaeus and Nathaniel during the Spirit Uprising.

He has appeared or been talked about in each book, and, despite their enmity, he has cooperated with Bartimaeus in the past (such as when they killed Genghis Khan by sneaking poisoned grapes into his tent). At various times, Bartimaeus and Faquarl either worked against or alongside each other. He was one of a number of a recalcitrant djinni employed by Khaba the Cruel, each of whom had either killed or severely embarrassed their previous masters. At the time, the two were still somewhat amiable towards each other.

Faquarl's raw power was great and implied to be at the upper-level of a djinni without actually being an afrit. During Kitty's research, she finds in the demonologies Faquarl of Sparta was highly celebrated throughout history. He was able to take on and devour seven djinn of near or greater than Bartimaeus' power with ease in a fight Bartimaeus describes as "a woeful mismatch". He was considered especially dangerous in that he combined this power with his cunning and a shrewd skill for survival, traits which Bartimaeus says they shared. He often irritated Bartimaeus by sharing his ideas for schemes to escape the control of magicians, which Bartimaeus generally considered harebrained and farfetched. While Bartimaeus has always been a rebellious spirit, Faquarl seemed to look at the larger picture, not merely attempting to return to the Other Place, he held ambitions, unusual for a spirit.

His other masters included Simon Lovelace and Clem Hopkins.

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