Foliots are with some intelligence and power but are considerably less than those of djinn. Bartimaeus, an egomaniac, view them with some disdain. And he described them as "cut-price Djinnis" since they have the same yet toned-down skills. They are, at least, easier to control than djinn for a magician.

Foliots are somewhat prone to petty squabble but are apparently capable labourers.

Mentioned Foliots Edit

  • Simpkin - foliot in the service of Sholto Pinn.
  • Gezeri - Khaba's slave in The Ring of Solomon who serves him somewhat willingly. He is responsible for many of Bartimaeus' troubles in the quarry and as Asmira's slave. He is eventually killed by Asmira.
  • Clovis - under John Mandrake.
  • Frisp
  • Pollux
  • Sophocles - under John Mandrake.
  • An unnamed foliot - was summoned by Nathaniel, when he was young, to guard the boys room.