"Enjoy the evening. May it be one you never forget!"
—Quentin Makepeace[src]

From Wapping to Westminster, subtitled A Political Odyssey was a play created by the magician and playwright Quentin Makepeace, performed only once in 2005.

The play was stated to musical summary of the events of the Prime Minister Rupert Devereaux, covering everything from his humble beginnings to his present-day status as the Prime Minister of the powerful British Empire. In truth, the play was a sham. Though it included a brief musical number to open at the premiere, held entirely for the nation's top magicians, as this was happening, demons appeared to bind and gag all of the members of the captive audience, who had been instructed to remove their lenses. Makepeace and his associates then began enacting their plan to take over the government.

The audience consisted mostly of the entirety of the government of the British Empire, save some very minor magicians. The only commoner present was Kitty Jones, allowed at Makepeace's whim when he observed her with John Mandrake and recognized her from her time in the Resistance.

According to Quentin Makepeace, describing the play before it started, "only the scene in the nuns' dormitory" was fictitious, with the rest of the play based on actual events in the life of Devereaux. Given that the play was a sham, it is entirely possible there was no such scene.

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