Henry Duvall
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Chief of Police

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Behind the scenes

The Amulet of Samarkand
The Golem's Eye

Henry Duvall was the Chief of Police during the first two books, a role which he was forced to relinquish at the end of The Golem's Eye, when his part in the Golem Affair was revealed. As the leader of the Night Police, Duvall was a werewolf who commanded a significant amount of power. It was thought until fairly late on in Ptolemy's Gate, that Duvall was the ringleader of the Golem conspiracy, but this was later revealed to be Quentin Makepeace; nevertheless, Duvall was the most apparent antagonist of The Golem's Eye. He committed suicide by jumping from the window of his cell after his arrest; being five floors up, he stood little chance of survival.

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