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Jane Farrar
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Assistant to the Chief of Police (formerly)
Chief of Police

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Behind the scenes

The Golem's Eye
Ptolemy's Gate

Jane Farrar was the Assistant to the Chief of Police in The Golem's Eye and became de facto Chief of Police in Ptolemy's Gate.

She was 3 or 4 years older than Nathaniel.

Her association with the Night Police made John Mandrake wonder if she was a werewolf, but he thought against it, as she didn't have "the build" for one.

In the second book, she attempted to charm and seduce Mandrake to get information for her master, Henry Duvall, though she was never associated with the Golem conspiracy.

In the third book, she is also shown as a brief romantic interest to Mandrake, although this connection quickly dwindles as Mandrake refuses to keep a dying Bartimaeus bound to this world, allowing him to go to the Other Place despite knowing what is presumed to be valuable information. At the end of the third book she attempts to rally her wolves against the hybrids and subsequently goes missing. It is assumed that she is dead.