"Don't you remember the name and nature of our master? He is not called Khaba the Cruel because of the fond generosity he shows to skiving spirits!"
Khaba the Cruel
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Beings summoned

Uraziel (via the Ring of Solomon)

Behind the scenes

The Ring of Solomon

Khaba the Cruel was one of the 17 magicians in the service of Solomon.

He had a mournful appearance with eyes that made it look as if he might weep any second, but such an act was not in his nature. He possessed a fascination for relics of the dead,

He is believed to be the most powerful of the 17 magicians. He had numerous demons under his command and among them a marid - Ammet, a high-level marid that trailed Khaba as his shadow. Khaba and Ammet had an unusual close relationship (see Ammet's page for further discusion) while Khaba regularly kept his other demons in line with his essence flail and punished particularly disobedient demons by trapping them in his essence cages. Khaba was later assigned to be the master of Bartimaeus.

Khaba originated from Egypt, but emigrated to Jerusalem to serve under the most powerful magician - Solomon. Like the other 16 magicians of Solomon, he served Solomon in fear of the ring, to abuse the King's favor, and to seize the ring when opportunity comes.

He was captured in the end.