Kitty Jones
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Clara Bell, Lizzie Temple

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Mrs. Jones (mother)
Mr. Jones (father)


Invincibility to magic

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Gray, formerly black

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The Amulet of Samarkand
The Golem's Eye
Ptolemy's Gate

Kathleen "Kitty" Jones is a commoner with a fairly powerful resilience to magic. She was a member of the Resistance. She is 2 years older than Nathaniel

She was one of two humans to have entered the Other Place. The other being Ptolemy.

Appearances Summary Edit

She was a minor character in The Amulet of Samarkand where the awareness of the Resistance was rising. She was 14 year old but not mentioned.

She became a major character in The Golem's Eye which told her past and showed her current exploits with the Resistance. She was 16 years old.

She was a major character in Ptolemy's Gate where her research and quest for the peace between humans and spirits were told. She was 19.

Biography (chronological order) Edit

Book 2: Past Edit

Kitty and Jakob Hyrnek were childhood friends. Jakob's family business was the production of magicians' books. Kitty thought that they must be paid high since magicians are wealthy. Jakob told her how stingy magicians are and the family, like every commoner, has no power to demand from magicians.

One day, Kitty and Jakob were playing in a closed park for the privileged, usually magicians. Their ball went off out the park and they heard a car crashing. They ran quickly till they were barred by a demon. Behind them was a magician, the car's owner. The children pleaded for their lives. The magician answered with a background of how he loved and how much he spent on the car only to be ruined by a ball crashing its windshield. He ordered his demon to deal with them and it did so with an Inferno.

Kitty woke up without a glaze but Jakob was badly burnt. She wanted to put up a case against the magician. From the details given to authorities, the magician with a name of Julius Tallow was identified. Everyone advised Kitty to pull off the case as they - her parents and even Jakob's - knew that the magician would win.

Kitty lost the case and was asked to pay a high fee she could not pay. She was then approached by an older man who offered help to pay if they meet. They met, he revealed his name - Terence Pennyfeather - and his background. He lost to magicians as Kitty did. He paid Kitty the fee as agreed before Kitty was even convinced to join his resistance. He continued to reveal his intentions. The shop was his and its employees are under his team. He explained the resilience and how Kitty survived the demon's attacks. Kitty joined Pennyfeather's resistance.

Book 1: Resistance, early exploits Edit

Kitty was one of the mysterious kids who spotted Baetimaeus in Ptolemy's guise as the djinn was fleeing from Lovelace.

Later on, Nathaniel was tricked by two kids and they took his Scrying Glass. Nathaniel followed them, trying to take his glass back. The kids roughed him up and wanted to kill him but Kitty ordered them to stop.

Book 2: Edit

Kitty was first seen waiting to steal from someone who supplies the magicians with goods. As the book continues, Kitty became doubtful about the Resistance and wonders if they were no better then the magicians, as they (the Resistance) burn and destroy just as much as the magicians do. Needless to say, when the Resistance leader (Mr. Pennyfeather) said that they were going to steal a few important items from Gladstone's tomb, Kitty agreed to help.

The resistance was surprised to learn that one of the protections in Gladstone's tomb was not magic energies but an afrit named Honorius who was contained in Gladstone's dead body. Honorius was tasked to kill those who entered the tomb. The resilience of the Resistance members cannot stop the afrit's physical attacks. Only Kitty and Nicholas Drew escaped and survived. Honorius was thought to be defeated later.

Kitty hoped to have solace in her parent's home but they betrayed her by calling on Mandrake, who visited before after learning of Kitty's name. She punched the boy and ran away.

Mandrake kidnapped Jakob Hyrnak to lure Kitty. She returns his Scrying Glass. Verroq and the night police appeared and chaos ensued. Bartimaeus saved kitty and took her to the abandoned house where he and Mandrake had hidden in book 1. Kitty and Bartimaeus conversed in which the girl learned about the recurring fights between commoners and magicians throughout history.

Later when Nathaniel, Kitty, Jakob and Bartimaeus were together, the Golem appeared and went for Nathaniel. Honorius, who was going after Kitty, jumped in and fought the Golem. Honorius was killed. Kitty nearly ran away when Mandrake was knocked out had Bartimaeus not helped convinced her to save the boy. Kitty stopped the Golem with Bartimaeus' guidance. When Mandrake woke, Bartimaeus told him that Kitty died saving the unconscious boy.

Book 3: Edit

In Hiding Edit

Kitty was now in hiding from the government, who thought her dead thanks to Bartimaeus. She lived among the commoners under two different false names, Clara Bell and Lizzie Temple. As Clara Bell, she worked at a bar where commoners hold secret meetings. As Lizzie Temple, she worked as an assistant to the magician Harold Button where she secretly trained in the art of summoning. And also, she delved into the history of magic; and researched Bartimaeus and the connection with his current form Ptolemy.

Later, there was a commoners meeting of political activists at her place of work, she joined as Clara Bell. In there was a familiar face whom she'd last scene in Gladstone's Tomb - there was Nicholas Drew. Later, a demon sneaked in the meeting and killed the barman Sam. Kitty had to destroy the demon but in doing so, she revealed herself to Nicholas Drew.

Reunion Edit

Quentin Makepeace, in an effort to recruit, called on John Mandrake to demonstrate his magical experiments on a commoner and political activist named Nicholas Drew. As Nicholas abandoned his friends and peers during the events in Gladstone's Tomb (Book 2: The Golem's Eye), he betrayed Kitty Jones by offering her name, a resistance fighter, to the two magicians. This left Nathaniel in disbelief for believed her dead as Bartimaeus had told him. He then set off to summon Bartimaeus, hoping to speak with the djinn.

Nathaniel could not summon Bartimaeus, this left him in fear as another magician could have summoned the djinn already and Nathaniel's name with it. The summoner was in fact the commoner Kitty Jones. She was hoping to understand the struggle between spirits, magicians, and commoners; and to finally find how to end the recurring conflicts. She hoped Bartimaeus could help her but the djinn scoffs. She brings up Ptolemy, a magician who Bartimaeus had special connection with. Ptolemy and Bartimaues's bond is an example that humans and spirits could have a good relationship. Bartimaeus tells her a bit about his servitude with Ptolemy, and that Ptolemy himself was special among humans, who "Nathaniel" could have also become. Kitty asked who "Nathaniel" was but Bartimaeus dismissed mentioning the name. After constant refusal and mockery of Kitty's wishes, Bartimaeus is dismissed. All her years of research and preparation just so she could ask and have help from Bartimaeus is for nought.

One night while walking to the bar, Kitty could see and feel the disorder growing in London. Later in the bar, Nathaniel entered and asked the barman for "Clara Bell". After threats were made, Kitty revealed herself. They went out. The two bickered about their previous deeds and their current paths. Nathaniel expressed his intention of only wanting to confirm that Kitty is alive. He asked her why she saved him, she said she does not know. He thanks her but Kitty replies she does not want it. And if there's anyone to thank, it is Bartimaeus - the one who urged her to save Nathaniel and told her how to defeat the Golem. They discuss how peculiar of a demon Bartimaeus is - why Bartimaeus helped save Nathaniel and why Bartimaeus said that Kitty had died. While the two were talking, Makepeace passed by and pressed Mandrake to quickly go at the theater as planned for the night. Makepeace suggested that Mandrake should bring his girlfriend. The two youths joined Makepeace.

In the theater were government officials, one by one they were being captured. Makepeace reveals his plan. Nathaniel was attacked by magic but Kitty saved him again by taking in the attack. She was knocked off and taken by Makepeace.

Spirit Revolt Edit

Nathaniel and Kitty are trapped together by Makepeace. Nathaniel revealed his name to Kitty. The possessed magicians were completely taken over by the spirits. This lead to the Spirit Revolt. Kitty and Nathaniel were separated. Nathaniel risks his life to get Gladstone's Staff and the Amulet of Samarkand from the vaults. Kitty travels to the Other Place hoping that she can convince Bartimaeus to come back and team-up with Nathaniel. She was surprised to learn when Bartimaeus told her that there is a toll when crossing to the Other Place. As demons don't belong in our world, humans also don't belong in theirs. Meanwhile, Nathaniel found Kitty, saw her state, thought her dead, then understood what she had done, and he waited for her return. Kitty finally convinced Bartimaeus then she returns. Nathaniel helped her up, she was weakened. This is the toll for going to the Other Place, just had Ptolemy experienced. Kitty's hair had gone grey, her skin wrinkled. Her body has gone old (about 50 years, although the books does not tell if she would recover and how much could she recover). She, however, had become surrounded by a bright glow, that could be seen in a higher plane, as a result from entering the Other Place.

She insisted Nathaniel to take in Bartimaeus. The spirit and the magician merged. Once the trio's plan of counterattack was set, she heads down to free the remaining magicians who are trapped in a side-room. She lead the band of magicians to act against the revolt. Nathaniel handed the Amulet of Samarkand to Kitty to give the girl protection and that the amulet would only suck the power of Gladstone's Staff if Nathaniel used it. In the fight with Nouda in the glass palace, the duo of Nathaniel and Bart urged Kitty to leave the place. She refuses for some time until the duo promised her that they'd follow her and meet her outside. She was running out when an explosion occurred behind her that leveled the glass palace.

Book 3: Ending Edit

Two days after the Demon Revolt, her part in the talks for establishing a new, and probably more benevolent, government in the absence of most of the magicians, was not told but implied that there were if not a little. She refused the offer to work in the government for she had not the energy to do so (caused by her travel in the other place).

She visited St. James Park, where Nathaniel had died in the glass palace, she only said "So much for your promises".

Later in her conversations with Ms. Piper, Mandrake's assistant, she used the name "Nathaniel" which could mean that the government was now aware of Mandrake's real name and his contributions 2 days prior. She said that Nathaniel had already done what she wanted to do. The two were silent for a time which was a suggestion of loss (and that perhaps Ms. Piper by this time knew who Nathaniel was)

She decided she might set out and travel the world and Egypt which she heard so much about, and also to visit her friend Jakob Hyrnek.

Character Arc Edit

"More than one boy had regretted a facetious comment to her face; Kitty did not waste words when a punch would do."
—A description of a young Kitty in The Golem's Eye.

Kitty is headstrong and self-reliant all through out. Kitty distanced herself from her parents, knowing that they were weak, narrow minded and always sucked up to magicians. Her parents thought that magicians were wonderful though in reality the majority of them were corrupt, power-hungry and selfish. She was betrayed by her parents, she never returned to them.

She never went to the extremes and knew what's necessary. She was reluctant with the resistance's missions when they were becoming extreme and losing track of the resistance's goal. She was against her team's deeds of senselessly blowing things up. She studied magic just so she could summon Bartimaeus and ask him help. She saved Nathaniel, even if she loaths magicians, although with the urging of Bartimaeus.

She felt hatred and contempt towards magicians and demons but; after having multiple conversations with Bartimaeus, she realized that demons are not the evil monsters they're believed to be but only slaves. She claimed magicians "wicked and heartless and vain". Kitty later believes that commoners, demons, and magicians can all have their peace, although she isn't sure how.

Later on, in order to determine how to bridge peace between humans and spirits, Kitty decided to study and research about magic. She became somewhat a scholar in contrast to her soldier-like actions during her time in the resistance. She studied magic without intents driven by personal ambition but with intents driven only by the possibility of peace, as she thought to have been the end-goal of the resistance.

Prophetical? Coincidences Edit

When Kitty summoned Bartimaeus and asked help, Bart mentioned that it'd take about 50 years for the commoners to be able to win against the magician-run government and the unrest would end. Bart joked that Kitty would be a granny by then. By the end of the book, the government had now lost its top magician-politicians and it was trying to rebuild itself with more commoner involvement. The unrest was subsiding. That time, Kitty's body had also aged about 50 years (note: mentioned only as a commentary.).