Marids are the most powerful type of demon commonly summoned by magicians. Marids usually take two strong magicians to summon, though they may be manageable for a single especially strong magician.  

Their power is so much that it could not even be matched by multiple djinn. Bartimaeus has stated that marids are able to absorb multiple attacks without trouble, swell to the size of a giant and eat you like carrots without any trouble. It must be noted that even Bart swallows his pride when dealing with these fearsome beings, and when the first marid in the series is shown, Bart began groveling for his life.

Very powerful entities and magical objects are usually described as having the strength of several marids. Or, in some cases, some objects actually contain marids. The Staff of Gladstone was speculated (by Bart) to have contained several marids as a source of its power.

Jessica Whitwell, considered the most powerful magician during her time, is the only one known to have defeated a Marid. She summoned a Void to suck in the Marid.

Known and/or Mentioned MaridsEdit

  • Ammet - marid of Khaba during the reign of King Solomon
  • Atlas - a marid who was enslaved by Phinidas to construct the Parthenon, and was then charged to hold it up indefinitely after his work was proven to be shoddy.
  • Philocrates
  • An unnamed marid - who took Harold Button's leg when the magician, hoping for a conversation, summoned it.