Martha Underwood
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Also known as

Mrs. Underwood

Family members

Arthur Underwood (husband)

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Hair colour


Behind the scenes

The Amulet of Samarkand
The Golem's Eye (mentioned)
Ptolemy's Gate (mentioned)

Martha Underwood was Arthur Underwood's wife, who was always very kind to Nathaniel. Nathaniel confided his true name to her. She had been a surrogate mother to the boy.

She was a rotund woman with gray hair.

She was killed in the first book by Simon Lovelace's djinni, Jabor. Nathaniel vowed revenge for her death. Throughout the rest of the book, he showed guilt, remorse, and anger about her fortune.

Jonathan Stroud has said that she may be a magician who gave up their training to marry Underwood, or she is from a commoner family which associates with the magicians, such as the Hyrneks. She demonstrates knowledge above that of a commoner, for instance knowing what an afrit is and what the capital of Azerbaijan is. Her husband's dislike of commoners would also make it unlikely that she was one.