Maurice Schyler
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London, England



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Behind the scenes

The Amulet of Samarkand

Maurice Schyler was Simon Lovelace's old master, and the two kept a regular correspondence with each other, as revealed by Lovelace's messenger imp. Schyler conspired with Lovelace to take over the British government. He was a cold, calloused man who held Rupert Devereaux in contempt for his position of power, and, when Nathaniel refused to join him and Lovelace, he attempted to kill him, expressing the desire to give the boy a painful death had he more time. He was killed by three Prague Cubes Nathaniel threw at him in retaliation, which propelled him into a wall, breaking his neck.

Schyler held Lovelace in high regard and the two had a strong personal relationship, with Schyler describing Lovelace as "more farsighted" than himself, and referring to him as "my boy". He was also extremely confident that their coup would work, urging Lovelace to continue, even with the temporary loss of the Amulet of Samarkand thanks to Nathaniel and Bartimaeus, and quelling Lovelace's mild panic due to Devereaux's strong protection before the attempted coup. He even began to plan ahead, looking to have the Resistance, who he saw as mere "stupid children", hanged, and looking to find impressionable replacements for the ministers he planned to kill.

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