Clive Jenkins (summoned in to his body)

Naeryan was a female afrit who took part in the Spirit Uprising but was ultimately killed by Bartimaeus and Nathaniel.


Naeryan was a female afrit whom Bartimaeus first encountered in Africa during the Scipio campaigns. Back in those days, her preferred form was a lissom belly dancer. The last time Bartimaeus saw her before the Great Spirit Uprising in London was back sometime in the Constantinople.

Her normal form (whether this means the form she appears in on the 7th plane or her preferred form is unclear) is something resembling an "inky blue-black torso, three piercing eyes placed at random intervals, and a multitude of spider-like limbs". However, during the Spirit Uprising, she was encased in the body of the magician Clive Jenkins. She was later destroyed by Nathaniel/Bartimaeus and the Staff.