The Night Police are the police force of London, introduced by William Gladstone at the dawn of the British Empire.


It is a well known fact that many, if not all, of the Night Police are in fact werewolves. Werewolves are created by

A policeman

magical means: a complex transformation spell was cast on a man or woman kept in confinement. One of the requirements in becoming a werewolf was that of being strong build: Bartimeus confirms it in "the eye of the golem" while mentioning a breeding program and John Mandrake comments on wether or not Jane Farrar, his rival, was a werewolf, but thought against it, as she didn't have "the build" for one.

All of the Night police were described as burly and having deep, guttural voices, tending to be both bloodthirsty and ill-tempered at all times. They wore plain grey uniforms, which Bartimaeus remarked as being a mark of their aptitude and efficiency.

The original idea for werewolf police, according to Bartimaeus, was thought of by Lycaon of Arcadia: they served as Lycaon's personal guard and were sent to police the Peloponese kingdom despite proven untamable; they had promptly devoured guests at a party held by their master.

They had a unique form of lycanthropy, which was not activated by the full moon. Instead the Night Police merely had to will themselves into their wolfish form. This carried its own dangers, however, as the transformation could be, and usually was, affected by the mood of the individual policeman. They were also capable of partial transformations, as during the chase of Kitty Jones, several were seen climbing up buildings, which would have been impossible for a wolf to do, and one was seen hobbling awkwardly on it hind legs as though trying to run like a man, but still having half a wolf's anatomy.


The Police Department reported directly to the Prime Minister through the Chief and Deputy Chief.

The Night Police were formally under the control of Henry Duvall, who was the Chief of Police during the first two books. The Night Police then came under the official de jure command of Rupert Devereaux, the Prime Minister, though Jane Farrar was the De Facto head, as she issued all orders and took the majority of the responsibility for them.


The Night Police Department was the foremost law enforcement group in London, rivaled only by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As such, the two agencies were often at odds (as was seen during the hunt of the Resistance).

The Night Police were also often at odds with the Commoners, who feared them immensly due to their ruthlessness, brutality, and fearsome reputation.

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The Night Police were likely disbanded after the Great Spirit Rebellion, though this is not confirmed.