A Pulse is a magical spell used by demons. It is not offensive in nature, instead serving as a utility spell.

Effect Edit

Pulses mainly serve as magical probes. Once sent out into a target area, they will return shortly with an approximate ballpark of magical strength in said area. This ballpark is not necessarily triggered by the strength of other magical spells operating within the vicinity; rather, it appears simply to react to the presence of anything magical, such as seven-league boots. It is implied that Pulses function by absorbing a slight amount of magic from their surroundings. It is unknown if they serve any other function.

Like many other kinds of magical spells, Pulses can be nullified and destroyed by golems or extremely powerful beings like Ramuthra.

Manifestation Edit

Pulses appear as gently glowing orbs of energy. Both size and direction of movement can be directed by the caster. If in the presence of strong magical energy, Pulses will turn a "virulent red-orange". Otherwise, if no magic is in the vicinity, Pulses will slowly lose magical energy and eventually fade.

Usage Details Edit

It is unknown what level of power is required to create a Pulse. Moderately powerful demons like the djinni Bartimaeus are able to create Pulses with ease, suggesting that imps and foliots could potentially cast the spell. As the spell itself requires little magical expenditure, Bartimaeus uses the spell several times to gauge the risk level of entering a room.

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