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Quentin Makepeace was a playwright in the Magician British Empire. His plays include Swans of Araby and From Wapping to Westminster.

Appearance Edit

He was described as short and round, redheaded and wore fancy, green (excessively frilly according to Bartimaeus) clothing. He was a flamboyant, dramatic, friendly and arrogant on the outside. This was all a façade however. Beneath his friendly demeanor was a sadistic, powerful mastermind who was willing to make his plans work by any means necessary.

Story Arc Edit

Throughout the series, he played a small, if not insignificant part in the affairs of the series, until the end of the third book, Ptolemy's Gate. He was revealed to have taken part behind every conspiracy that had occurred over the past 7 years. He had the idea for the large pentacle that would bring about the coming of Ramuthra in the Lovelace Conspiracy, and had his subordinate Clem Hopkins suggest the use of a Golem to the police chief, Henry Duvall, in the Golem Affair.

In the final book, he brings about his own personal conspiracy, taking the entire upper echelons of the government hostage, and attempted to use his band of fellow conspirators to take their place.

(See Makepeace Conspiracy).

Utilising a method of summoning spirits directly into magician bodies, Makepeace summoned the higher entity, the spirit Lord Nouda, into himself, and was subsequently killed when it crushed his mind. It then used his body to rampage across London before being destroyed by a Nathaniel/Bartimaeus hybrid utilizing the Staff of Gladstone.

Character Arc Edit

Makepeace possessed a mercurial and vain personality, his mannerisms playful and energetic as though performing on stage. His temper could be easily roused by questioning his creativity, a trait he regarded highly in others as well as himself.

This vain desire for innovation and creativity lead him to believe that magicians can summon spirits into themselves in order to gain demonic powers. But then again some magicians were also attracted to Makepeace's thoughts on gaining power by absorbing spirits.

He claimed that his parts in attempting to overthrow the government was a reaction to his observations. He could see that Rupert Devereaux and other head magicians had mislead the government and failed their country. However, the direction in which he would be taking once he took over the government was clear; he would rule still as a magician and set out to use his power and take what he could.