Resilience is an intrinsic property exhibited by certain humans, that makes them naturally resistant to the effects of magic. An individual possessed of it may withstand magical attacks that would kill or even obliterate another. The causes of resilience are undefined, but it seems to develop over a period of centuries in societies where magic has been present and active. Resilience has contributed to the downfall of a number of magical empires (Rome and the Czech empire for example), as the magical elites in each lost the ability to keep the citizenry under control with the threat of force. Resilience was apparently solely a born ability and could not be gained if a person was not born possessing it.


The foremost aspect of resilience is the resistance to magical attack, and this is shared, to lesser or greater degrees, by all possessed of the trait. However in certain individuals it is augmented by further abilities, such as:

  • The ability to see through magical illusions, and perceive the true forms of demons
  • The ability to see auras, and thus determine the magical properties of apparently mundane objects
  • the ability to hear concentrations of magic in their locality, in the form of a slight ringing

Resilience has variable effectiveness, with different characters expressing different abilities to withstand attack. Kitty, one such exhibitor of the trait, is incapacitated by a head-on Inferno, whereas Verroq, when subjected to the same, is capable of shrugging it off. It should be noted that no one person's resilience is demonstrated to be perfectly effective against magic, and that even Verroq (whose resilience is thought to be greatest of all) eventually succumbs to continuous magical attack

People exhibiting resilienceEdit

A number of different characters are demonstrated to have resilience, but this list is by no means exhaustive

  • All of The Resistance are possessed of different levels of resilience
  • Verroq, the mercenary in the employ of Quentin Makepeace
  • An unnamed youth, who  a Night Police officer fails to subdue through magical attack, and who subsequently reverses the attack on her.
  • An unnamed individual who ran screaming warnings of ghosts

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