Sholto Pinn
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Behind the scenes

The Amulet of Samarkand
The Golem's Eye
Ptolemy's Gate

Shopkeeper and collector of magical items, he owns a shop and can be noted for his loyal (beyond most loyalites) servant, Simpkin. He's quite a powerful magician, but was injured when Bartimaeus fought him in his shop. When Bartimaeus was consequently held captive in the Tower of London, Pinn visited him briefly, accompanied by Jessica Whitwell. He was also friendly with Simon Lovelace before the coup d'état, knowing him on a first name basis.

Pinn was sent to hospital at the end of the events in Ptolemy's Gate. When most magicians took off their contact lenses to see the special effects of Makepeace's play without distractions, Pinn kept his monocle on. When he took it off to polish it, Imps and Foliots quickly dispatched the lower levels off the government, while the members of the Council and other higher ranking magicians were taken out by Djinn. When three Djinn attempted to take out Pinn, the merchant grabbed his stick, and destroyed one with a Plasm, injured another, but was beaten by the third, who used the old man's cane as a club against him. He was one of the few high-level magicians to survive; oddly, he didn't take part in the Interim Council.


Pinn is described as rotund and often wore white clothing. He also carried a cane around with him.

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