Solomon was a magician who for a time ruled as King of Jerusalem. He was the possessor of the Ring of Solomon, which enabled him to summon thousands of spirits simply by touching it. Twisting the ring brought forth the ring's incredible presence, the Greater spirit Uraziel, who was capable of powerful acts, including the Dismissal of other spirits and matter transfer.

Continued use of the Ring greatly weakened Solomon, as the power of the Ring fed on its user. In his early days, he regularly used it, but later mainly made use of illusions to hide the fact that his youthful physical appearance was no more and that he had to remove the Ring in order to sleep at night. He left much of his day-to-day business to his Council of Seventeen.

Bartimaeus of Uruk was once employed to both Ezekiel of this Council and Khaba and through a series of events, came into a conflict of sorts with Solomon. In later years, Bartimaeus would frequently boast of having "spoken with Solomon," though those in the know did not think much of this achievement, given the incredible power of the Ring to summon so many spirits.

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