Summoning is a magician's most powerful ability to possess; it allows them to summon and control different varieties of demons from the Other Place.

In order to summon a demon magicians use various charms of protection, herbs (such as rowan wood), incantations, runes and, although not always necessary, a pentacle (but are highly recommended to be able to control beings of great power). There are other protections such as using mirrors and wearing mirrored glasses or making the demon drink vats of donkey milk exclusively used on certain types of demons.

How to summon demonsEdit

To summon a being from the other place the magician must first know the being's true name. Secondly, they must have two pentacles, one larger than the other and most commonly drawn with chalk or paint. The demon's pentacle (the larger one) is surrounded with the proper herb mixtures, various candles of different sizes and runes that lock the demon inside of it. The smaller one is for the magician and has runes of protection. To call the demon from the Other Place the magician must use an incantation, the complexity of the incantation depends on the level of demon, with using its true name to call it from the Other Place and bind it into the pentacle. It generally takes nine seconds for the voice to reach the Other Place, seven seconds for the entity to awaken, and three seconds for it to appear in the pentacle.