Swans of Araby Poster

Swans of Araby poster

"Makepeace is filling the theaters again with his Eastern piffle. Swans of Araby... I ask you, did you ever hear of such sentimental claptrap?"
Arthur Underwood[src]

Swans of Araby is a play penned by the magician and playwright Quentin Makepeace. The play told of the forbidden love affair between a commoner and a djinni.

The play was popular with the masses of both London and the greater world for its scenes of romance and action. To magicians, or others some of knowledge of magic, however, the play was considered a trite and dreadful propaganda piece. When Kitty Jones watched the play, she was eventually bored to sleep. Despite this, however, she couldn't help at one point thrilling to the building suspense of a portion of the play and also grudgingly admired its usefulness as a political tool, providing the commoners with a taste of what they feared, such as a wicked magician and evil spirits, but tying everything up in happy ending.

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