Talismans are a classification in the Bartimaeus universe of magical artifacts that are actively used by the wielder, that is to say, the object needs to be activated via magical commands, keys, force-of-will, etc. They differ from amulets, which classify objects which are passive, and work whether or not the wielder wishes them to or not.

For example: The Amulet of Samarkand is used to protect the wielder from magical attack. The amulet will do this regardless of whether the bearer acitvely wishes it to or not. The Staff of Gladstone on the other hand requires a complex command to be activated, and an active force of will to unhinge the binding spells enough for the staff's power to be released. Alone, the staff would do nothing.

Some TalismansEdit

  • Seven-League Boots: A pair of boots that use the power of mysterious djinn who, according to Bartimaeus, utilise a theoretical 8th plane to move over long distances in a very short time. hey were activated via the force of will of the wearer.
  • Solomon's Ring: A magical ring of unknown origin and terrifyign power. The ring had imprisoned the spirit Uraziel within it. By touching the ring, King Solomon could summon legions of high ranking spirits, ranging from imps to marids, with no apparent magical effort. By turning the ring, he could summon Uraziel itself.
  • Gladstone's Staff: A seemingly plain wooden staff made of dark wood with a rounded top. On the round section was an inscribed pentacle which imprisoned at least two marid-class spirits, if not more. When wielded properly, the staff could be used to summon storms, and/or fire bolts of magical lightning which ranged in power depending on how much the binding mechanisms holding the spirits in place were unhinged. This ranged from a small shock, to continuous torrents of energy that could level cities.