• ProfessorTofty

    The poll on the favorite book in the series of visitors to this wiki had been up since May 28 of last year, so I thought it might be time for a new poll, which I have now posted.

    Here are the results of the previous poll:

    • The Amulet of Samarkand - 21
    • The Golem's Eye - 7
    • Ptolemy's Gate - 44
    • The Ring of Solomon - 21

    Total votes: 93

    So it seems that finale of the original trilogy, Ptolemy's Gate, is by far the favorite, though The Amulet of Samarkandand The Ringo of Solomon tied for a respectful second-place showing. Not much love for The Golem's Eye, but that often ends up being the case with the middle title in a series such as this.

    For the new poll, I've asked which of the main characters of the series is your favorite. Do you find yourself favoring Kitty…

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