No longer an active church; instead a mortuary for the most highly regarded magicians, protected against grave robbers. It has gargoyles on the outside, and, inside lies the tomb of William Gladstone, having been looted by resistance members. Its guardian, Honorius, was bound to Gladstone's body, and, after a series of murders, was eventually destroyed himself. The Staff of Gladstone was not returned after the incident, instead guarded and placed in the Vault of Treasures below Whitehall, along with the Amulet of Samarkand and other notable treasures.

There is low spirit activity, perhaps including Ghuls, in Westminster Abbey, though rumblings can be heard from some sealed crypts, indicating that Gladstone's tomb is perhaps not the only one with a guardian. Faint black circles on the floor outside Churchill's vault reportedly invoke Bubonic Pestilence and bad underarm odour also.[1]


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