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William Ewart Gladstone
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Prime Minister of Great Britain

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The Golem's Eye

The former Prime Minister of Great Britain, William Gladstone gained power during 'The night of the Long Council' where he convinced the British Government to hand power over to him. It was later revealed in the books that he forced the ministers to give him power in a coup d'état. He then gathered a large British army and invaded the Holy Roman Empire, which was the most powerful nation at the time.

He does not have a large role in the books. He is seen by Bartimaeus in the Siege of Prague when he uses his staff to destroy the Srahov gate tower. His body is also seen when the resistance breaks into his crypt. Honorius the afrit was charged by Gladstone to guard his body and treasures. He then proceeded to kill four members of the resistance and rampage across London.

However, he is a large inspirtation for Nathaniel. In the first book, his status keeps him company and encouages him to study hard. He compares his revenge plan to Gladstone defending his friend's honor. In the second book, he aspires to be what Gladstone was, until perhaps Bartimaeus talks him out of it ("You do not want to end up like him, Nathaniel.")


  • Gladstone is a real historical figure who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. For more information on Gladstone's real-life counterpart, click here.